We breed according to the Breed Regulationss from the Netherlands Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (NRRV). Our pupies are raised in the loving environment of our home and family untill they are 8 weeks old.The first few weeks they will get used to everyday life and meet different animals such as horses, cats and also lots of different people. This first period of time will ensure that your puppy will have a good starting position when going into the wide world. It will ad to the soundness of his mental development
People who are interested in the puppies are always welcome. Appointments will be arranged in advance. The puppies need also their rest periods. That’s the reason why all visitors should adhere to the date arrangements.

Our puppies are also “our sweeties”, i. e., we feel responsible for every puppy for life. This responsibility means also that we will try find our puppies the best homes we can find them, where they receive love and tender caring for as long as they will be yours.

Pups born and then ?

After birth they are checked on Dermoid Sinus by us and friended breeders and also by our clubs breedingcommission.

The first three weeks the puppies are raised inside our house in a bright room and artificially warmed room where they stay with their mother and us. In this room the puppies can already experience various household and ambient noises what is important for their socializing in relation to daily life.

At the age of about three weeks the puppies move to their summer-house in the garden. There is enough space for them to run and to play and to discover their environment on our property. Once the puppies are 7 weeks old we match them to the right owners, ensuring a good partnership between you and our puppy.

What do you get along with your puppy?

Dewormingschedule – Nutricion advice- All litter pics- Litter toy – Puppymanual – Litterreunion invitation

After the puppies have left us, we are allways available for questions and advice. Chances are that things you struggle with have already been solved by us in our earlier experiences. Ofcourse we’d love to receive pics from time to time ;-).

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