About us

 We are a small kennel in the NorthEast of the Netherlands. We currently own a small pack of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. After a long period of looking for a suitable home for our animals, we decided to move from the suburbs near Amsterdam to the countryside of The Netherlands.

We’re very found of the breed and couldn’t imagine ourselves having another breed of canines. Our ridgies are our partners in life. We fancy all sorts of activities with them from coursing to dogshows.

The care of our animals is the most important thing to us, and we encourage that trade in puppy owners who take on a sibling from us in the future.
As member of the Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback club (NRRV) we support the rules and regulations set for all their listed breeders. We aim to contribute to the breed by breeding from carefully selected ridgebacks in our program. We try to preserve the breed as we came to know it. Athletic and Strong…and very dignified.